Thermenergy Services Limited undertakes first ever Combustion Inspection for CENPOWER Generating Plant

From the 1st of June to 8th of June 2021, Thermenergy successfully undertook the first ever Combustion Inspection at the Cenpower Operations.

Cenpower Operations was created to develop the Kpone Independent Power Plant ( KIPP) in Tema Industrial zone, close to Accra, Ghana’s capital.

The 350MW KIPP is among the largest private IPPs in the country, accounting for approximately 10% of Ghana’s total installed capacity and approximately 15% of available thermal generation capacity.

Thermenergy Services Limited, a well established player in the power generation space in Ghana, provides professional support for Gas Turbine Planned Maintenance such as Combustion Inspections, as one of its focal areas.

Combustion Inspections are performed with the unit shut down to change out and service parts of the gas turbine after it has run for a stipulated timeframe; typically 8,000 or 12,000 hours (Expected Operating Time). This inspection also affords engineers the opportunity to diagnose the health of the gas turbine unit and repair and/or replace any components that require attention.

Thermenergy provided much needed support for pre-outage inspections and planning, as well as the execution of the Combustion Inspection. Thermenergy also provided Field Service Engineering support for critical modifications to the Gas Turbine Unit and also for other crucial tests/inspections on Balance of Plant and Auxiliary systems.

The outage was successfully completed within the stipulated timeframe, with Zero Lost Time Incidents (LTI). The Gas Turbine Unit was also successfully returned into service without any issues.